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What to Expect


QHHT® sessions are face-to-face. Sessions typically last 5-7 hours. The hypnotic portion of the sessions are recorded and last for approximately 2 hours. It seems like a long day, but it always goes very fast!

On the day of your appointment, you should bring a list of questions you would like answered. Typically, people ask about their health or personal matters. Amanda recommends a maximum of 20 questions. If you have more, that's okay. You can still review them with Amanda and find a way to condense everything. 

Sometimes, one question is connected to another and can be combined. Your Higher Self/Higher Consciousness is that part of you that knows everything and will provide the answers you seek. Amanda will facilitate this process of helping you to connect with your Higher Self/Higher Consciousness during the hypnosis part of the session.

Amanda will spend some time getting to know you and your reasons for wanting this experience. You'll talk about your journey and go over your list of questions.


Embark on the Journey

Once you start the hypnosis process, you'll be under for approximately two hours or a little longer if needed. 

This part of the session is recorded for you and will be given to you before you leave on a USB drive. Most people don't remember much of what was said during the hypnosis session because you are in such a relaxed state. Hence, you need to have this recording to know what the messages and advice from your Higher Self/Higher Consciousness are to help facilitate further clarity and healing. 

Amanda highly recommends listening to the recording during the first three days after your session and whenever needed.


Connecting to Past Lives

While in this deep state of relaxation, Amanda will guide you through 1-3 past lives or other experiences your soul has had. If you don't believe in past lives or are unsure, it's okay to call these experiences a story. Either way, your Higher Self/Higher Consciousness is lovingly taking you to the most appropriate place to find out where and how your issues began.

Once you've gone through that part, Amanda will access your Higher Self/Higher Consciousness and begin to ask your list of questions. Amanda will also ask for your Higher Self/Higher Consciousness to scan your body and find known or unknown issues. Where appropriate, your Higher Self/Higher Consciousness will provide healing and ease of discomfort within the body. 

Crab Nebula

Learn More About QHHT

With QHHT you will experience a powerful connection to your Higher Self in a safe space. Amanda will help you tap into your subconscious and access your inner wisdom. If you’re ready to begin your journey book your session today!

**Disclaimer:  We cannot guarantee any specific results with any session or that you will: see increased income, be able to utilize energy, meditate, feel inner peace, feel happier, eat healthier, have higher self-esteem, release sabotage blocks, get out of survival mode and move into thrive mode, etc. [results may vary]

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